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What's the Ride-on toys and seat stability?

What's the Ride-on toys and seat stability?
Update Time:2017-01-18
Ride-on toys and seat stability: The purpose of this provision is to reduce the risk of accidents which may be caused by easy dumping of toys. American standards from two aspects to consider the ride toys and seat stability, one roll stability, two is before and after the stability. 

Ride-on toys, which are generally not stabilized at the base, are not included in the present requirement, as are spherical, tubular and other shapes. Toys must comply with the standards before and after the abuse test.

Roll stability: one is riding a toy or seat can be stabilized by the role of feet, and the other is the foot by the closed structure of the restrictions can not play a stabilizing effect.

Stability of the roll stabilized by the foot: The height of the seat from the ground is equal to or less than 1/3 of the height corresponding to the minimum age in the age group as shown in Table 1 and the movement of the child's foot on the side is not limited, Can play a stabilizing role in the riding toys or seats, do not need to roll stability test.

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