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How to choose suitable toy for baby at different age

How to choose suitable toy for baby at different age
Update Time:2017-03-22
1-3 months
The eyes of a newborn baby can only stay in an object for a short time, 1-2 months baby to better focus sight, 3 months baby can see 4-7 meters away the object. Therefore, within 3 months baby should be given bright color, larger, with music sound of toys, such as inflatable animals, balloons, plastic hanging bell, etc., to promote visual and auditory development.

4-6 months
At this time the child as the touch has been established in contact with each other, then you can choose to make the baby can reach out to touch, grasp or pinch the sound of toys, such as a variety of plastic toys and small bells and so on.

7-9 months
At this point the child has been able to sit out of hand or climb in bed, then you should choose simple, fun, durable toys, such as mobile toys, all kinds of dolls.

10-12 months
Children of this age most like to throw things, should choose to be inspired and can grasp the activities of the toy, not easy to break the better, such as plush and rubber, plastic toys.
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