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Bana--do it with you

Bana--do it with you
Issue Time:2016-11-17

There is such a group of old people,
     They may not be accompanied by their relatives,
      They, perhaps older, the action is not convenient
      They may only rely on each other in life
In the movie "A journey,through Time,with Anthony"
      Anthony let me understand the "accompany is the longest love confession" truth;
      When the cold weather is coming,at the moment of the upcoming Chung Yeung Festival,
      We say,accompany is the best way to filial piety
      We do,accompany is the best way to filial piety
      Therefore, we spontaneously formed a small team of red scarf

 BANA charitable activities, together with love
——BANA do it with you
In the October 8, 2016,let us together, to accompany the amiable old man

At two o'clock in the afternoon of October 8, 2016
Gray sky, with a small rain
In front of the landscape becomes hazy,people can not see it clearly
But in the BANA is another landscape
A colleague was busy handling the goods

We are getting ready to leave

12 people formed the BANA team,under the leadership of the boss Amor
Carrying a full love of gifts
Drive to the Lianhua Town Nursing Home

After an hour's rugged journey,
We met Mr. Huang, the volunteer leader who had been in touch with us since that time,and the township director.

After a brief conversation with Mr. Huang
Under his guidance, we went into the nursing home
See the spacious and bright yard
Green plants

A big family full of deep love in our eyes

Red scarf small team to the old people expressed their most sincere wishes
They sent a holiday gift to the elderly in the nursing home
Let the old people feel the warmth

Love never expires, careful action will be convincing
Small team for the nursing home cleaning, sweeping the corridor

Mr. Huang personally for the elderly barber, give us an model

Female members of the team not only washed the fan, but also repaired the fan

In their spare time, we accompany the old people to chat
Remind the old people pay attention to weather changes
Inform the elderly to keep warm, shut doors and windows at night, do not catch cold
The old man's face covered with a smile

We would like to commend the small team of red scarf
They learned history the day before
In order to allow the old people to recall a beautiful past
In order to make old people happy

Happy laughter
Happy smile

Everyone happy to take pictures together

Happy time is short
But the picture will always freeze in this beautiful moment

Do not forget the root, do not forget the original intention
They are in the nursing home, there is laughter, there is comfort
Even in the rain
Love also brings us together
All the way to follow the love of BANA trip
Rely on the strength of the team
Together with positive energy
We are the most beautiful scenery
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