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How to keep baby in good health.

How to keep baby in good health.
Issue Time:2016-12-13
Before the baby can receive antibodies through the placenta to obtain immunity. After birth, breast milk is enriched with an immune-enhancing antibody that protects the baby until he builds his own immune system. Therefore, my mother should strive for scientific breastfeeding, to help your baby to enhance immunity. Do not give up on breastfeeding, breast milk on the baby's health will have far-reaching impact.

2.Nutritional food
Specific nutrients in food play a key role in supporting your baby's immune system. Breastfeeding and complementary food is the best food in parallel; after one year of age, the baby's solid food should be the first time, the baby is the best food; breastfeeding is the best food; When the most appropriate choice.

Young mothers with different stages, consulting a doctor and reading the scientific parenting books, to understand what stage the baby needs what kind of food, and then strive to provide these foods for the baby. Need to remind my mother is that adequate intake of water also helps enhance the baby's immune system. Lactoferrin is specifically to improve the baby's resistance to nutrients, love Yile formula in particular to add lactoferrin help improve the baby's resistance and immunity. Promote the baby's physical development.
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