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Benefit for kids of playing puzzle

Benefit for kids of playing puzzle
Issue Time:2017-01-05
Here are the benefit of playing paper puzzle

Understand the relationship between "part" and "all"

In the game, parents let their children know that many of the "parts" can be pieced together into a "all", and "a whole" is composed of "many parts".

Cultivate the concept of planar combinations

Building blocks are a combination of three-dimensional, while the puzzle is a concept of plane combination, in the limited 2D range to spell out an item, a logical thing.

Understand the meaning of order / order / logic

Many children in the beginning of contact with many pieces of the puzzle, they naturally know to start from the edge of the fight, which is the order of learning, order and logic significance, and from observation and judgment to learn the classification, he must observe the correct spelling on the example , In order to spell out the correct answer.

And promote the development of hand-eye coordination

Puzzle requires children to patient operation, and hand-eye coordination, as long as an incompatible patch can not be placed in the correct position, but not the beginning of the children, as long as more practice will naturally be a few times.

Cultivate observation, develop patience, concentration

Usually puzzles are put together from everyday life, so children should be familiar with things around in order to spell out the correct graphics in accordance with the logic, in addition, you can also cultivate the patient's patience and concentration, so that he can sit still Do one thing.

Learning to solve problems and strategies

Play puzzles to learn reasoning thinking ability, because children will try different choices, to decide the right one to put down, that is, through the hypothesis, to determine the selection process, let him learn to use logic to solve the problem.

Improve the ability to resist setbacks

Children in the process of playing jigsaw will inevitably misspell the time, then they will feel frustrated, do not want to express the wishes of the adults, but adults can help them to help them through the storm.

To help children build self-confidence

When the children will be a piece of chaotic puzzle piece of convergence, until the re-combination of success, the child will feel a sense of accomplishment, which is to improve children's interest is very important element, but also in the future to complete his self-confidence puzzle source.

It is noteworthy that my mother in the purchase of puzzles for the baby, be sure to pay attention to material and safety, so that children scratch their fingers.
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