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Hong Kong Disney received a suspicious thing which confirmed to be toys

Hong Kong Disney received a suspicious thing which confirmed to be toys
Issue Time:2017-02-16
Hong Kong Disneyland 13 found suspicious items, suspected of being explosives, the park immediately alarm and evacuate the staff, after investigation confirmed that the suspicious items for the toy device, no doubt. Players in the park are not affected by the events.

Hong Kong Disneyland spokesman said at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, about 12:30, Hong Kong Disneyland logistics location mail room to find suspicious items, the park immediately alarm, and evacuate some employees. After investigation confirmed as a toy device, no suspicious.

In the earlier 2 o'clock, Disneyland returned to the inquiry had said that the incident has been handed over to the police, the park is inconvenient to comment. The park is committed to ensuring the safety of the resort.

The police said that the receipt of the report received a package containing suspicious items. There is an employee in the park who has a discomfort and has been sent to the North Lantau Hospital for treatment. Fire alarm also sent a fire engine and ambulance to the scene after the alert.

It is reported that the suspicious items are sent to the park's chief executive of the package, which is equipped with batteries and wires. As the mail room is located in the park administrative building, there is still some distance from the play area, visitors in the park was not affected by the incident.

Reporters after the incident to the park on the road and in the park scene observed, there are still passengers take the MTR Disney line to play paradise, and visitors in the park as usual in the park to play, take pictures, the park as usual.

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